Magic Keys to Learning
Children's Developmental Center


  1. Toddlers
    Ages and stages are a big part of Magic Keys to Learning CDC. We have two toddler groups, the Ones Room and the Twos Room. Our Toddler programs focus on social/emotional development, language development, and curriculum. Our curriculum changes each week, this way your child receive a different variety of educational benefits. Each we our themes change, as do our letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and sounds. We have based our curriculum in the child's needs, and do adjust it if needed. Did we mention that your child is learning every step of the way? We want your child to be pre-school ready by the time they turn three. To do so, we also offer potty training assistance. Together we help your child through the potty training. We want your experience to be memorable.
  2. Smart Start
    Our Pre-School Smart Start is a program that was created to help your children learn and grow not only physically but mentally. Our goal is to have your children ready for Kindergarten and beyond. We recently also started an online community for our Smart Start students. Using a free app called Dojo, you as the parent can check on your child's behavior, work, and homework. Smart Start is a five days a week program running Monday through Friday. It begins at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm daily. This program is specifically for ages 3 to 5. We work with various programs like JumpStart and Quality First to create a perfect, structured curriculum that is fun and easy for your child to learn from. If you would like more information regarding this program please feel free to call our center.
  3. Game Room
    Magic Keys to Learning CDC introduced the game room in Summer of 2014 and since then it has been up and running. Our game room is not like any other classroom we have, instead it is unique. We have so much fun in this classroom. To start off we have two 55 inch, flat televisions that are connected to a Wii and a Xbox 360. All our video games are child and age appropriate. We also have a variety of different games like Bingo, Monopoly, Connect 4, and much more. We also have legos, barbies, darts, archery, and bracelet making. This class is not open daily, but very popular!!!
  4. Summer Program
    Summer is always filled with fun here at Magic Keys to Learning CDC. Our Creative Director, plans months in advance for fun activities for all ages groups to enjoy. We have had petting zoos, magic shows, live puppet shows, presentations, and much more come to our facility. We also have water day at least twice a month during the summer. Once weekly, the students will prepare a dish for themselves to eat during snack . We have a special curriculum full of different themes and games for the children to enjoy each week. We also have different arts and crafts that they do throughout the day. We accept early registration for this program so if you are interested please feel free to call our center.